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Miami Heat Player Rumored to Have Suffered Medical Emergency on Thursday Flight From Phoenix to LA

While the Miami Heat were traveling from one road game to the next, they experienced a crisis in the sky.

According to Andy Slater, a player on the team had a medical emergency while they were flying from Phoenix to Los Angeles on Thursday night.

The identity of the player and the extent of the issue have yet to be disclosed.

The Heat, who are 6-2 to start the year, are set to take on the 6-1 Lakers late Friday night, but this will no doubt be hanging over the players' heads as they take the court.

Mid-air emergencies are especially concerning simply due to the lack of resources available to handle them at the moment they happen, even on a rather short flight like the one the Heat were taking from Phoenix to Los Angeles.

Regardless of what the situation may be, the obvious hope here is that the emergency wasn't too serious and that the player in question will be back to action in the very near future.

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