Bill Maher Once Again Asks Ronan Farrow If He's Frank Sinatra's Son: 'You Do Own a Mirror?'

The “Catch and Kill” author has long been dogged by rumors that Woody Allen is not his biological father — Farrow consistently has said Allen is his father — and Maher brought it up again during the interview.

“Now, what do you think your father would think about what you’re doing now?” Maher asked Farrow about his investigative reporting career.

Farrow’s father, Woody Allen, IS alive; Sinatra died in 1998.

“There’s a funny moment in the book when I was considering the story about this alleged Trump love child,” Farrow said, referring to a story that AMI Media — the publisher of the National Enquirer — “caught” and killed” during the 2016 election alleging that Donald Trump had had an illegitimate daughter.

“I wind up talking to the man who raised this young woman who said it was not true, which is reflected in the reporting,” Farrow continued.

Ultimately, Farrow said that he “doesn’t know” what Sinatra would think about his reporting but told Maher “you can ask my mom.”

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