Best 4K TVs for Disney+ in 2019

$698 at Amazon Getting support for Google Assistant is all fine and dandy, but the VIZIO M-Series steps it up a notch with a built-in Chromecast.

Disney+ will run on Roku devices, and the 55S425 offers 4K HDR picture quality, while also being compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant for voice controls.

$300 at Amazon What's the point of spending extra money to stream content if you can get it built right into your TV?

With HDR10+, you are getting the best video playback quality possible, and Samsung aimed to improve viewing angles making it, so there isn't a bad seat in the house.

$2800 at Amazon LG's Nano 8 Series of televisions is a bit different with its built-in Intelligent Processor, which helps to power all of the AI features such as smart home assistants.

The company delivered by expressing that Disney+ would support videos with 4K, Ultra HD, or HDR content, providing for a great viewing experience.

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