Before they inevitably revolt, watch a bunch of tiny robots play soccer

There, on the grassy Killian Court, a spectacle unfolded that will likely become commonplace once AI-powered robots rise up and enslave their human masters.

In the clips you’ll see the pint-sized bots stretching their legs, performing backflips, and eventually going head-to-head in a casual game of soccer.

They twist and turn and hop around in a manner that mirrors four-legged animals, and knowing that these little fellas are metal and wires instead of flesh and bone fills you with an even mix of wonder and dread.

Development of lifelike robotics systems has long been separated from the work being done on artificial intelligence, though both are often mentioned in the same breath.

Some robots, like the humanoid Atlas bot from Boston Dynamics, can control themselves and perform some very basic tasks.

That’s a big first step, but as with these Mini Cheetahs, we’re not to a point where a team of such robots could be unleashed on a soccer field without being directly controlled by humans.

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