Aston Villa vs Liverpool, Premier League: live score and latest updates

3:22PM Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 0 A free-kick wide left, McGinn clips it in to the area and Trezeguet is there at the back post to tap it past Alisson!

Wijnaldum does really well to beat defenders to a loose ball and keep Liverpool up the pitch - that's the kind of intensity they need today to break the defence down.

2:02PM Heaton, Luiz, McGinn, Wesley, Nakamba, Trezeguet, Targett, El Ghazi, Engels, Guilbert, Mings.

There's every chance Liverpool take their eye off the ball today against a team they could underestimate - the exact sort of match that seems like a fairly routine 2-0 win but which has big consequences later in the season.

McGinn, Grealish, Wesley and Mings are all very talented players and Dean Smith has his side setup to be robust and create chances from quick moves.

Much will depend on how and if Villa deal with Liverpool's chief creators Alexander-Arnold and Robertson - some teams play wingers tasked with hiding in space behind them, others employ man marking specifically to stop them getting balls in the box.

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