Anthem Inc. (ANTM) and CDW Corporation (CDW) Creates A Strong Pairs Trade?

A document was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to notify the public about the exercised an option of the shares.

In addition to that, SVP, Chief Accounting Officer – Penczek Ronald W sold an extra 816 shares of this stock in a transaction that took place a day before, on Nov 13, with a share sold at an average of $287.00 and a total of $234,192 was realized from this transaction.

After the transaction, the SVP, Chief Accounting Officer – Penczek Ronald W was left with 1,938 shares of the company’s stock, which is currently worth around $556206.0.

A look at the general picture of all short, medium and long-term indicators leaves CDW with an average rating of 100% Buy.

In its report sent out on August 05, 2019, JP Morgan lowered its ratings on CDW from a Neutral to a Underweight.

In a recent SEC filing, the company revealed that 653 institutions currently hold the CDW stock.

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