5 things following the Dallas Mavericks thrashing the Memphis Grizzlies, 138-122

Tim Hardaway Jr. turned into the Human Torch for a few minutes, connecting on threes, a floater, and even getting a rare four point play to count.

A Luka Doncic- Seth Curry pick and roll ran on multiple possessions in a row resulted in Dallas opening up a double digit lead in the third.

It’s not fun watching him play basketball just because he seems to result in a variety of “no no no YES” moments, but in fairness to him, his shot attempts from distance looked a lot better.

Dwight Powell also had his best game, stuffing the box score with 11 points, seven rebounds, three assists, two blocks, and two steals.

Curry hitting looks, Kleber connecting on three of five, Jackson and Hardaway destroying from downtown... that’s the best Dallas can hope for.

But when the bench has to go to Powell and expect him to guard Jonas Valanciunas , then it becomes clear just how little depth the Mavericks have from the big men positions.

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