'SNL': Pete Davison Returns for David Harbour's 'Stranger Things' Monologue

David Harbour hosted the third episode of “ Saturday Night Live ’s” 45th season and wasted no time poking fun at his Netflix supernatural drama “Stranger Things.”

Uber-producer Lorne Michaels also appeared in the sketch, sitting at a NBC page desk and saying “everybody’s got to start somewhere.” This meant Kenan Thompson was running the show.

Later in the show, Davidson also returned to the Weekend Update desk to give his take on the CDC report that sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and chlamydia are at an all-time high, due to dating apps.

He went on to say that he understands people can be worried about STDs, but he gets “tested all of the time because I look like I have all of them and I might have created my own.” But, he continued, the ones Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost just mentioned can be cured quickly.

Previously this season, Jost made a Weekend Update joke about Davidson’s absence on the show when reading a news item about a man who could not remember where he parked a car a week after he drove it to a music festival.

Reportedly, Davidson missed the earlier episodes due to filming “Suicide Squad.” He was seen in a photo on writer and director James Gunn’s Instagram on Sept. 28, the night of the Season 45 premiere.

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