Billy Porter Makes Cameo in 'SNL' Cold Open Tackling LGBTQ Presidential Town Hall

Woody Harrelson also brought back his Joe Biden impression.

In its cold open, Saturday Night Live spoofed CNN’s recent LGBTQ town hall .

Pose star Billy Porter made a cameo, calling ballroom categories during the town hall proceeding.

Colin Jost reprised his impression of Pete Buttigieg, and Alex Moffat’s Anderson Cooper asked how he feels that some people have said that he isn’t "the right kind of gay."

"There’s no wrong way to be gay, unless you’re Ellen this week," Jost’s Buttigieg said in reference to the recent controversy about Ellen Degeneres appearing in a photo with former president George Bush.

Woody Harrelson, who hosted earlier this season, reprised his impression of Joe Biden in the cold open.

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