The Curse of the Mangino travels to Boston College

The Boston College football program had the curse going in its favor with the Jayhawks in town for a Friday night game at Alumni Stadium.

In the middle of Mangino’s eighth and final season, the athletic department launched an investigation into the coach’s motivational methods, determined he was a meanie and paid him $3 million to go away.

The students were so jacked at their Jayhawks putting an end to a 15-game losing streak that spanned 22 months that they stormed the field and headed for a goal post with intentions of uprooting it and dumping into a nearby on-campus pond.

The public address announcer stepped in to save that potential embarrassment from coming to fruition and urged the students, “for the respect of the program (given the opponent),” to leave the goal post alone.

Never mind that Mangino inherited a program best known for having one of its defensive ends, Dion Rayford, get stuck in a drive-through window of a Taco Bell in a fit of rage because the chalupa he ordered was not in the bag.

So the next time you hear someone hint that the seven wins Steve Addazio produces every year don’t meet expectations, remember the Curse of the Mangino and appreciate the seasons when BC surpasses seven.

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