Sparrow Arrested Over April Gun Incident, Ryan Garcia Fight Off

As a result, Ryan Garcia will not be fighting tomorrow night, and Sparrow is currently in jail and will be extradited to Philadelphia to be in front of a judge on Monday.

Sparrow was out running in Los Angeles on Friday morning with his entourage to shed the last few pounds off his frame for the lightweight bout.

Sparrow and his friends got in their cars and went inside a local Target, and after leaving the store, they were surrounded by police, and a helicopter.

Peltz said he called his lawyer George Bochetto in Philadelphia, a respected attorney who once ran for Mayor.

“Avery was going to show up on Monday one thousand percent, or else he wasn’t going to get paid,” said Peltz, noting that Sparrow’s purse against Garcia was larger than all of his previous fights combined in his career.

During the final press conference on Tuesday in Carson, Calif., Peltz was uneasy before he took the dais, admitting he was afraid that the US Marshal might just storm right there and then in search of Sparrow.

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