From Paying Tuition to Being Outspoken Advocates: The Kindest Things the Kardashian-Jenners Have Done for Others

She wrote on Instagram of her experience, “Since the passage of the First Step Act in December, I’ve been speaking with people coming home from prison and learning about the challenges they are facing.

She also announced a partnership with Lyft, “a company with a history of taking bold action to do what’s right for our community.” She thanked the rideshare service “for providing ride share credits to formally incarcerated people when they come home.”

Kardashian West also looking to become a lawyer , and with the help of a four-year apprenticeship program (in lieu of enrolling in law school) she plans to take the bar exam in 2022.

She infamously spoke with President Trump directly about freeing Alice Johnson — a grandmother who had been served a life sentence because of nonviolent drug offenses.

Jenner said on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians , “The ability to come some place and have a really safe environment with really loving people can make a big difference in a community that’s, otherwise, going to be left behind.”

In other words, you won’t hear Khloé bragging about her philanthropy any time soon: “I hate when people throw their charity work in everyone’s faces because they are doing it for publicity or praise.

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