Demi Moore reveals late-term miscarriage and Ashton Kutcher cheating claims in new memoir

Actor Demi Moore’s upcoming memoir, Inside Out , gives new meaning to ‘tell-all,’ with the 56-year-old star revealing shocking details about her past relationship with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher.

Ahead of the book’s release on September 24, the Ghost icon opened up to the New York Times with claims that Ashton, 15 years her junior, was unfaithful during their 12-year marriage.

The mum-of-three - who recently posed nude for Harper’s Bazaar - also shared the explosive revelation that she suffered a secret miscarriage six months into her pregnancy.

Demi revealed that the couple had a chosen a name - Chaplin Ray - for the baby girl and that she blamed herself for the loss, prompting her to start drinking again after years of sobriety.

She went on to reveal that the pair later attempted fertility treatments but were unsuccessful and as a result, her drinking became worse and she started abusing Vicodin.

The star details her troubled upbringing, which involved saving her mother during her suicide attempt by literally pulling pills out of her mouth.

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