Bill Burr's New Stand-up Special Is So Much Better Than Its First 4 Minutes

It’s positioned as one more in the recent run of comedy specials that respond to straw men like “cancel culture” and “safe spaces” by deriding them, pushing back at audiences for their sensitivity and inability to take a joke.

It is exactly what the trailer suggests Paper Tiger will be: furious, resentful troll comedy that plays like a toddler yelling the only swear word they know, desperately begging for someone to punish them.

Burr rags on his wife, calls sexual assault funny, and puts on a stupid voice and mocks male feminists.

He keeps yelling, of course, as if by bellowing his ideas while striding angrily around the stage he can distract from the fact that he’s delivering jokes so sensitive that some border on sweetness.

But Burr goes on, first voicing his wife’s explanation that Elvis reaped endless profit and cultural acclaim while the original innovators did nothing, and then his admission that yes, she is right .

The first several minutes of the special make it seem as though the paper tiger of the show’s title will be the overly sensitive audience, or snowflake culture, or women in general — scary, toothy beasts who will crumple at the slightest pressure.

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