Woman criticizes 'hypocrite' Priyanka Chopra at Beautycon, accuses her of 'encouraging nuclear war'

A woman accused Priyanka Chopra Jonas of being a “hypocrite” for tweeting in support of Indian armed forces and “encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan” amid increasing conflict between the two countries.

Ayesha Malik confronted the Indian actress during an audience Q&A session at Beautycon in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Chopra’s February tweet was in response to a series of airstrikes carried out by India on Pakistani territory.

“Jai Hind” is a commonly used, patriotic slogan that loosely translates to “Victory for India” in English.

Malik’s accusations come during a period of high tension at the India-Pakistan border after India’s government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, made the decision to take over control of Kashmir — India’s only Muslim-majority state, and an active nuclear flashpoint which has suffered much of the conflict between the neighboring countries.

Though security staff at the event was quick to pull the mic out of Malik’s hand — even before she could finish speaking — Chopra addressed the question and defended her message, saying that she’s “patriotic.”

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