Houston Astros

Series #41: Athletics vs Astros - Old Foes, New Faces

The A’s and Astros have squared off quite a bit already this year, and, by and large, things haven’t gotten swimmingly for Oakland.

The A’s are 2-9 against their division rivals in 2019, which is a big part of the reason that the Astros are 9.5 games ahead of the A’s in the standings.

Oakland was in striking distance of Houston earlier this summer, though at this point in the season a run at a division title probably isn’t realistic.

While modest acquisitions like Tanner Roark and Homer Bailey are generally fine, they pale in comparison to the additions of Zach Greinke and Aaron Sanchez.

Plus, not for nothing, Aaron Sanchez went from losing his last thirteen decisions with the Blue Jays, a record, to being a part of a combined no hitter in his first start with his new team.

Having needed to use a lot of pitchers to get through three games in the last two days in Chicago, and needing to conserve their pitching staff for the long stretch ahead, this series provides the A’s a unique chance to really wreak havoc on the Astros pitching staff that will have a lasting impact.

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