Run, don't walk! Pumpkin Spice Spam is here, because you always wanted fall in a can.

Rest assured, you won’t have to wait that long for pumpkin spice lattes, Cheerios, hand soap and air fresheners to flood the market like so many leaves on autumn lawns.

Pumpkin spice spam will be available starting on Sept. 23, the first day of fall.

As for the “real” part, Hormel may have wanted to emphasize that part because pumpkin spice Spam was, in fact, a joke the brand made in 2017 (see Facebook post below).

Hormel also let would-be customers know that the photo of an extra-large Spam can included in its tweet, backed by a smattering of pumpkins, was not, in fact, “pumpkin-sized.”

Since each can comes with two pumpkin spice Spam, the brand encourages customers to eat one and save one for later (a lot of assumptions are being made here).

Such indiscriminate mixing of dessert flavors with meat does have a recent precedent.

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