San Diego Padres

Rays' Kevin Kiermaier: No one else 'can do what I can do out there'

SAN DIEGO — Kevin Kiermaier showed again Monday is willing to race across the outfield, fly through the air and crash into walls to catch a baseball.

And to catch the eye of anyone who has doubted his supreme talent.

Kiermaier did Kiermaier things in the eighth inning of Monday’s 10-4 win over the Padres , going a long way from his admittedly self-positioned shallow spot in center to the wall well on the rigftfield side and making a spectacular grab that robbed Francisco Mejia of a home run.

Kiermaier won Gold Gloves in 2015-16 but not since, as he was limited to less than 100 games each season due to injuries.

That was a concern Monday as he stayed down for a few minutes after hitting the wall, but waved off the athletic training staff and eventually walked off the field on his own.

Kiermaier said he felt “okay” but thought he may have hit his head on the wall and thus may have "a little bit of whiplash.''

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