NASA news: Hubble telescope snaps two galaxies hurtling towards each other

NASA ’s Hubble photo shows the effects of this attraction as the galaxies twist and contort in response.

The gap in-between the galaxies is bridged by vast amounts of cosmic dust and stellar gas.

The intense blue light seen on the right is likely the glow of young and extremely hot supergiant stars.

NASA news: Here, the galaxies NGC 6052 are suffering the same fate (Image: NASA/ESA)Older stars, that have been burning hydrogen for longer, tend to be a little cooler and their colours shift to the red end of the spectrum.

“A tenuous bridge of gas, dust and stars can be seen connecting the two galaxies, created when they [pulled out into space across the diminishing divide between them.”

In March this year, the Hubble took a picture of the galactic duo NGC 6052 similarly falling towards one another in deep space.

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