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Microsoft removes one-off Office 2019 licenses from its Home Use Program

In context: The software industry has increasingly begun to move from one-off license key purchases to "live service" subscription models.

Though Microsoft hasn't yet gone that far with Windows itself, the tech giant is doing its best to push its cloud and subscription-based suite of productivity tools, Office 365, on customers.

As reported by Computer World, Microsoft has decided to remove one-off Office 2019 licenses from its Home Use Program (HUP).

Microsoft made this decision somewhat quietly, opting to revise its HUP FAQ with the updated information in lieu of a major announcement.

Unfortunately for anyone who benefited from that program and enjoyed the offline experience that the standard Office 2019 suite offers, that will no longer be possible.

However, there are obvious business benefits that would come with turning one-time customers into recurring spenders, so perhaps they'll go that route a few years down the line -- only time will tell.

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