PlayStation 4

MediEvil's New Video Shows Off Latest Gameplay Footage

This new video serves as a behind the scenes feature that talks about the process of remaking MediEvil while keeping the game’s identity intact.

Members of the team at Other Ocean Interactive, who are doing this remake, are featured in the video and talk about what it was like to approach this project at the beginning.

Mike Mika, Other Ocean’s CCO, said that the team tried less to focus on making a one-to-one remake of MediEvil on PS4 and instead tried to create it in the way that players remember it from back in the day.

Along with talking about the game’s development process though, this video also shows off a slew of new gameplay footage directly from MediEvil .

Even though we’re nearing release pretty rapidly, this is really one of the first times we’ve been able to see some extended gameplay from the remake.

Hopefully, longtime fans who have been dying to see Sir Dan return will be pleased.

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