Government Institutions Risk Data Breaches by Avoiding Cloud Security Automation

DivvyCloud co-founder and CTO, Chris DeRamus, recently published an article with on why cloud automation is the antidote for government agencies plagued by cyberattacks.

As government institutions rapidly migrate their assets to the cloud to take advantage of the speed and agility it provides, they often overlook the importance of upgrading their security platforms.

Automated cloud security solutions give government agencies, and other organizations, the ability to detect misconfigurations, alert appropriate personnel to correct the issue or self-remediate in real-time.

Automation grants the ability to enforce policy, provide governance, ensure compliance, and impose a framework for the processes that must be followed on a continuous and consistent basis.

Then, the human ability has a safety net and also guidelines to ensure the fastest and safest trajectory forward as government agencies seek to optimize their use of the cloud.

Customers like General Electric, Discovery Communications, and Fannie Mae run DivvyCloud’s software to achieve continuous security governance in cloud and container environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, and Kubernetes).

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