Anthem lead producer Ben Irving is leaving BioWare

Ben Irving, the lead producer of Anthem and the "face" of the game since long before its release in February, has announced that he's leaving BioWare for a job at another developer.

I believe Anthem has a bright future—there is a great team working on it and I look forward to following its progress (and playing it!)

You are all in great hands with @Darokaz [core community lead Jesse Anderson] and @UNTDrew [Bioware global community lead Andrew Johnson] (and have been for some time now).

Irving didn't reveal where he's going, but his departure may result in some concern within said community.

BioWare finally launched the long-delayed Cataclysm earlier this month, and the reaction appears to be muted: Not exactly negative, but not particularly enthusiastic, either.

Electronic Arts has vowed to stick with the game and so far it's stayed true, but losing the head guy on the development team in the midst of efforts to turn things around—especially when he's going to do the same kind of work, just somewhere else—isn't the sort of thing that automatically inspires long-term confidence.

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