YouTube TV gifts free Showtime subscriptions to 'longtime friends'

If you are a "longtime friend" of the service, then you'll get the cable channel for "no cost" through September 5th, 2019.

Users can activate the officer by going to the settings menu on desktop and, best of all, there's no automatic renewal, so you don't need to worry about being forced into paying for more.

Last year, channel president David Nevins said that most of its growth -- it has 25.5 million subscribers -- comes from cord cutters and other online-only users.

Part of that was because you couldn't, like HBO, buy the channel without also picking up a premium subscription for other offerings.

Not to mention the discovery of what was described as a " soft-core pedophilia ring " that flourished inside its comments.

We have contacted YouTube to ask about how long a user needs to have subscribed before they can get Showtime on their service.

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