X-Men: Dark Phoenix's Sophie Turner Wants to Team up With Thor in the MCU

With the Disney-Fox merger officially complete, X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner has revealed that the Avenger she would most like to team up with is Thor .

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes , she even revealed which character in the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe she most wants her version of Jean Grey to team up with: the god of thunder.

The two are both heavy hitters in their respective teams, and Dark Phoenix will give Jean a cosmic aspect to rival Thor's.

Even without the inclusion of the X-Men, the MCU has become a sprawling world, and the addition of mutants will undoubtedly make it larger, denser and richer for super hero story telling.

Many question whether current cast members like Turner will get to stay in their roles at all, or if Marvel Studios will want brand new versions of their heroes to get a fresh start.

Turner will take center stage next month in Dark Phoenix , a rehashing of a storyline the movies have already tried to tackle once before and one of the most beloved arcs in the source material comic books.

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