Victor Asks Adam to Carry On His Legacy After Revealing Illness

Thursday June 13, 2019: On Young and the Restless today, the Newman children are summoned by Victor, Mariah learns Kyle proposed to Lola, and Traci entertains Dina with her novel.

Nick warns he must stop trying to turn Adam into the golden child – he blew up the family; the best they can hope for is minimal fallout.

Dina cries, “This is terrible.” She’s upset that Velma loves Flynn and thinks he should stop wasting time on Iris.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle laughs at Mariah’s dead plant, which was a housewarming gift for him and Lola, but she forgot to water it.

Kyle gapes, “What?” Mariah grins, “I’ve gone corporate, baby!” She explains Tessa will be her first client and confides that as scary as it is, she wants it.

Rey insists he believes he’ll fit in just fine as long as he remembers soccer is king and Lola is queen.

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