Use Google Search AR To See How Big Animals Actually Are

Only a select few animals are available at the moment, including a tiger, lion, giant panda, rottweiler, wolf, and a few more others.

Clicking the button will open the 3D model, and from there users can clock on the AR tab to see it come alive in the actual, physical word.

"So when you search for select animals, you'll get an option right in the Knowledge Panel to view them in 3D and AR."

So, expect to see things related to NASA , New Balance, Samsung , Target, and Visible Body, Volvo, and Wayfair soon on Search.

Moving forward, users will be able to interact with, say, a model of the human anatomy or a pair of sneakers.

It's also testing a navigation feature for Google Maps, and has been rolling out AR Playmoji stickers that users can toy around with.

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