Advanced Micro Devices

Too Many Cores

Yet Wccftech is claiming that AMD is planning a monster 64-core CPU for some time towards the end of 2019. Who needs that many cores?

The first two generations have been popular with gamers and some professionals because they’re typically enterprise-level performance at consumer prices—and they can really churn through video.

That’s great not just for video producers, but for YouTubers and streamers who increasingly need more power to handle all the content they’re attempting to put online.

Telstra and Optus might not be the cheapest mobile providers around, but their plans come with a surprising number of perks and bonuses that the telcos don't always do a great job of highlighting.

After all, huge data allowances tend to sound far sexier than cheap movie tickets.

Disney has released another deleted scene from Captain Marvel, showing Yon-Rogg having a tense meeting with the Supreme Intelligence.

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