Series Preview: Angels @ Rays (Opening Time)

In fact, the location of the Trop is likely a boon to the Angels, as the Rays have and 18-16 record at home as opposed to their very strong 23-10 road numbers.

The pitching rotation is up in the air right now, but I’d expect to see both Blake Snell and Charlie Morton used in this series, so... good luck to you there.

That is a long run without a break, and for a team without a traditional pitching staff, it’s going to put a lot of pressure on their bullpen.

We’re already seeing them start to use the Opener with slightly less frequency over this span, using guys like Yarbrough and Chirinos as more traditional starters.

With all that said, though, this is a team no one expected to do any better than third in the AL East, and they’re currently trading the number one spot with the Yankees on a near daily basis.

Overall Verdict: This series could be rough for the Halos has they face two lefties and a tough team that is likely playoff bound.

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