Samsung's The Wall Luxury is a 292-inch 8K modular TV

Samsung has announced a new version of The Wall, its massive modular MicroLED TV.

The Wall Luxury has a higher maximum resolution compared to Samsung’s previous MicroLED prototypes, but it also takes up a lot more space.

Samsung’s MicroLED technology is modular, meaning it can be configured for different sizes and resolutions.

It’s a similar self emissive technology to OLED, but shouldn’t suffer from the same downsides such as lower peak brightness and burn-in.

Samsung says The Wall Luxury is rated for 100,000 hours of use, and that it can achieve a peak brightness of 2,000 nits.

Samsung is yet to announce pricing for The Wall Luxury, but at these sizes and specs it’s likely to be a case of, “if you have to ask, then you probably can’t afford it.”

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