Michelle McCool: Relationship with Undertaker led to her being treated differently, leaving WWE

On the latest episode of Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast , former WWE Superstar Michelle McCool discussed how her relationship with her husband, Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway, began.

McCool also revealed how it changed the way people backstage at the company dealt with her, and eventually helped her decide to leave pro wrestling all together.

Sharmell [Booker T’s wife], Torrie [Wilson], Vickie [Guerrero], a few good friends were like, ‘Taker never talks to girls, like ever, that is not something he does’ which is true.

But I always got to the buildings early, I was always working with Arn [Anderson] or Fit [Finlay] or whoever would teach me, because I was basically learning on the road.

So he was taking care of me during [an injury and illness on WWE’s 2007 European tour which left her hospitalized for 16 days].

And she seems happy with her life now - which includes occasional return appearances like last year’s inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble, and Evolution .

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