Massive Google Outage Turned Smart Homes Into Zombies

On Sunday, some Google users found themselves locked out of YouTube and Gmail as the tech giant experienced major outages across the U.S.

“Can't use my Nest lock to let guests into my house,” a commenter on the tech forum Hacker News wrote on Sunday.

Dubious usefulness aside, these smart products are making moves on their analogue counterparts, sometimes with major Silicon Valley backing.

The juicer didn’t work unless it was connected to the internet , although savvy users soon found a workaround: they could make juice by squeezing Juicero packets with their hands.

On multiple occasions, hackers have wrangled huge networks of home devices and turned them into botnets capable of breaking the internet.

In October 2016 , a huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack knocked out large sections of the internet on the East Coast.

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