Marvel's Jessica Jones Final Season Premiere Recap: Holding Out for a Hero

The Netflix drama dropped its third and final season on Friday, bringing the streamer’s partnership with Marvel TV to an end.

And when Season 3 begins, Jessica is trying to process a loss of her own: the recent death of her mother, Alisa Jones, at the hands of ex-BFF Trish Walker.

And she’s got other issues, too: She’s hired a new secretary at Alias Investigations who she seems to despise, and Jeri Hogarth (whose ALS symptoms are starting to worsen) practically begs Jessica to euthanize her with pills once the disease eventually gets out of control.

Later that night, she gets her answer: She watches from the window as Trish follows a man into his apartment building across the street, dressed like a burglar.

When the man fled from his apartment after firing off a couple shots, he also took a sculpture from his cabinet that would have linked him to an assault, if Trish had been able to get her hands on it.

While there, she hits it off with a guy named Eric, and they soon return to Jessica’s apartment for dinner and, ahem, dessert .

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