Like Gentleman Jack I'm a lesbian who loved seducing straight women – 'turning' women turned me on

Some of my lovers still can’t admit they slept with me because they’d been cheating on their boyfriends (now-husbands) - so I get the thrill of the secretive chase that excites Anne Lister in Gentleman Jack .

People are amazed by how brazen she is and I get it - seducing straight women is sexy, there's something about the forbidden fruit which is so erotic.

The sex scenes are Hollywoodised - no lesbian would, like Anne, let her hair go loose just at the crucial moment she’s about to pleasure another woman.

Gentleman Jack’s Anne, with a bit more money to her name, went all out when she splashed her cash on a special Wendy house for her and Miss Walker to romp in away from prying eyes.

Sophie isn't too sureFor that decade I hooked up with straight women, whenever things didn't work out I blamed society for making them think it was easier to be with a bloke.

This wasn’t the only obstacle the pair faced - at that time lesbians didn’t have a name, let alone a community , and finding someone like Miss Walker, who was interested would have been as knee-tremblingly exciting as any action between the sheets.

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