Jupiter Shines Over New York City in Gorgeous Skywatcher Photo

Jupiter is putting on such a good sky show right now that it stands out above the glittering lights of New York City.

Skywatcher Alexander Krivenyshev of captured some gorgeous shots of Jupiter blazing over the Big Apple early Wednesday morning (June 12), the same day that the king of planets made its closest approach to Earth in 2019.

Some of the photos, which Krivenyshev took from the New Jersey city of West New York, also show Callisto, Io and Europa — three of Jupiter's four famous Galilean moons , which are so called because they were discovered by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.

You can pick out those moons yourself these days, if you have clear skies, some patience and a decent pair of binoculars .

Jupiter and Earth are now getting farther apart, but the gas giant will remain a bright fixture in our night sky for the next few months (though it hangs relatively low from the perspective of an observer at midnorthern latitudes).

"At sundown on June 16th, look low toward the east-southeast horizon for the rising moon, and situated prominently about 4 degrees to its upper right will be Jupiter," Rao wrote.

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