How the Stanley Cup Final stirred 'The Office' fandom

Her story mirrored the Blues’, and on Wednesday night she hoisted the Cup alongside a bunch of grown men who were inspired by her fortitude.

The city of Boston and surrounding New England area cleaned house, winning both MLB and NFL titles since October, leaving a drought of exactly 129 days.

What both teams shared, however, was the ability to reinvigorate fans of The Office, and the love of pranks and camaraderie that echoed through nine seasons of the TV show.

It started with an innocent realization from a Twitter user that the beloved screen couple of Jim and Pam would be supporting two different teams in the Stanley Cup Final.

Both Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski chimed in on their Twitter accounts, and set the stage for a rivalry as intense as Threat Level Midnight.

Fischer explained to NHL on NBC during the Game 6 panel that Jim and Pam’s rivalry began while filming The Office during the 2013 World Series between the Cardinals and Red Sox.

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