GPS Pioneer And Garmin Cofounder Gary Burrell Dies At 81

Gary Burrell, cofounder of navigation gadget company Garmin, died on Wednesday, June 12.

Courtesy of Garmin“Gary Burrell has been my friend, mentor and partner for more than 30 years,” Kao, who is executive chairman and worth $3.8 billion, said in a statement.

He remained chairman emeritus, but dropped from the billionaire ranks in 2016 after transferring much of his shares to his wife and son and charitable trusts.

His son Jonathan sits on the board and together with his mother holds a nearly 8% stake worth approximately $1.1 billion.

In 1989 Allied Signal cut its research budget, and Burrell and his colleague Kao, a Taiwanese engineer who had developed the first GPS receiver for planes, thought the military-grade technology would be a hit in the consumer market.

Today Garmin manufactures GPS devices for automotive, aviation, marine, health and personal use.

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