Get a sneak peek at the MiB's snazzy jet with out-of-this-world alien tech

Today it is the standard mode of transportation for most senior MIB agents around the world," International producer Riyoko Tanaka exclusively tells SYFY WIRE.

Where else will you find a car equipped with Quasar Power Source Technology that utilizes the nearest Active Galactic Nucleus, which can take a person across the galaxy in seconds?

IGPS (Inter-Galactic Positioning System) Amazon Alexa* understands all seven trillion alien languages Gamma ray headlamps Infinite scaling technology

Lexus’ very latest Quasar Power Source Technology (QPST) Propulsion system named after Black Hole TON 618 122 MPG (Millennia Per Gallon) Three driving modes: EcoDrive, SportDrive, QuantumDrive 0-60 in 0.0000000000001 nanoseconds Light-speed-matching capability

Thor: Ragnarok alums, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth , team up as Agents H and M to take down a shapeshifting threat known as The Hive (Les Twins).

Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Rafe Spall are also part of the movie's ensemble cast.

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