Concert Review: BTS Dazzle London's Wembley Stadium With Picture-Perfect Set

At a press conference before BTS took to the stage at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday, rapper Suga mentioned their goals when deciding on the set list for their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour .

After the video for single “Idol” faded to black, a showreel began, featuring all seven members pacing about the screens in turn, posing as though they were in fashion ads, staring out at the adoring crowd.

When the group did hit the stage, they opened their set with a meticulously polished (and party-appropriate) “Dionysus.” Far from the impression given by the lyrics, which are about drinking and all-night parties, the seven and their backing dancers were step-perfect, the high-energy choreography the early star of the show.

After especially explosive numbers, like “Best of Me,” or “Idol,” the members descended below the stage, and their digital representations returned, one or two at time, acting like models showing off a simple product: themselves.

Conventiently, the sun was setting during “Epiphany”: K pop concerts often feature lightsticks, lanterns on the end of handles that can be synched via app so that the whole crowd glows in unison, and from Jin’s solo onwards, those “Army bombs” allowed the fans to be folded into the performance itself, flashing white, swaying purple, or sending rainbows rippling through the arena.

During the songs “Tear” and “MIC Drop,” the screens cut to black and white, with the Army bombs providing the only color as the entire arena shone green and then red.

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