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CERN is moving away from expensive Microsoft software and embracing open source

CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research best known for its particle smashing Large Hadron Collider -- has decided to eschew Microsoft in favor of open source software.

As reported by the Register , CERN has been working on MAlt for some time, well-aware that its discounts as an "academic, non-profit or research institute" were coming to an end.

In a post on its website, CERN says: "The Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt) started a year ago to mitigate anticipated software license fee increases.

The organization says that because of its size, the scope of its projects, and the collaborative work it does, the cost of the high number of software licenses it requires would simply be unaffordable.

A prime example is that CERN has enjoyed special conditions for the use of Microsoft products for the last 20 years, by virtue of its status as an "academic institution".

The switch to open source begins with a new email system, and CERN says that "in parallel, some Skype for Business clients and analogue phones will migrate to a softphone telephony pilot".

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