Budweiser toasts stepfathers in ad that will definitely make you cry. 'This is what a dad is'

The short film follows three adult children who surprise their stepfathers and ask to be legally adopted.

The lead up to the big ask is moving, as children talk about their journey into accepting their stepfathers, which is probably something many families can relate to.

"When I met Paul 28-years ago I was a fiery little a...a brat," said Shealyn, laughing, as daughter and stepdad sat side-by-side in adirondack chairs.

And later when he asked Mark to adopt him, his stepdad wiped away tears and gave him a bear hug.

Mark and Victor shared their story for Budweiser's ad toasting stepfathers.

Budweiser said in an emailed statement to USA TODAY that the emotional video was a way to capture for what many children is the only real father they've ever known.

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