Apple is designing for a post-Facebook world

For years, Apple has overlooked the power of these contacts, designing its operating systems around apps rather than the social connections of the people who use them.

Based on Apple employees’ comments onstage yesterday, it sounds smart enough to automatically highlight important moments you care about–for instance, your spouse’s birthday–in your feed.

They now allow you to create a figure with your choice of hair, makeup, and accessories–an avatar that is less generic and more customized to reflect your identity.

It’s the sort of update that will allow Apple to bring your contacts into more experiences alongside you; imagine listening to an album with a friend on Spotify while going head-to-head in Angry Birds, with your memoji celebrating every combo.

Perhaps it sees that a generationof young people would rather share their moments to small, private groups rather than publicly on services like Facebook.

It’s a safe bet that while liking photos on Facebook and other social networks may one day go out of fashion, the actual people in them never will.

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