Golden State Warriors

After the Injuries, What Next for the Warriors?

Devastated , truth be told, was the more fitting adjective to describe the looks on the faces of Lacob, Coach Steve Kerr and Bob Myers, Golden State’s president of basketball operations, after they witnessed the second catastrophic injury suffered by a Warriors star in a span of four days.

Stephen Curry surely understood it as he headed from his locker stall to the postgame showers — judging by how hard he slapped a wall adjacent to the bathroom with his open hand.

Golden State had a shot to force a Game 7 on Father’s Day despite the absence of Durant and Thompson and Toronto’s clear advantages in the length, depth and health departments.

The problem: It isn’t just the two months of ceaseless injury woe Golden State endured this postseason, or the lack of financial flexibility to freshen up the roster, that gives you pause.

“It’s more the mental strain, especially when you have success,” Iguodala told me earlier in the playoffs, acknowledging the toll ceaseless scrutiny has taken on the core members of a group that has alternately entertained and frustrated so many fans in rival cities.

The whole organization remains under significant scrutiny for the clearance Durant received to play in Game 5 — and the Achilles’ tear that resulted after just 12 minutes of court time.

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