NBA Draft Lottery

Zion Williamson has a lot of dollar bills riding on which team wins the NBA lottery

The former Duke star would be going to the nation’s biggest media market in hopes of reviving a historic yet success-starved franchise, an ideal setup that could only boost Zion’s leverage in negotiations with shoe-apparel companies and other corporations.

Given the size of the New York market, the glut of corporations based there and the coverage from major media outlets he’ll receive there, Zion would have a better chance to land some early endorsements outside the traditional basketball realm if he plays there.

Dorfman believes Zion will have the same endorsement opportunities wherever he’s drafted because of the proliferation of national TV games, the NBA’s strong focus on promoting its stars and his ability to reach fans all over the world via social media.

They agree that established stars in smaller markets have landed major endorsements, but they argue it will happen faster for Zion if he leads the Knicks back to relevance than it would if he does the same in Phoenix or Minnesota.

“Just imagine the type of coverage he’d get if he goes to a restaurant or a club or a party or an opening to a film,” said Whitney Wagoner, director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon.

In an April news conference after winning college basketball’s national player of the year award, Zion fielded a question from a reporter curious which NBA team he hoped would draft him.

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