Yes, the PGA Championship Is Happening Now

Woods, who grew up in Southern California and lives in Florida, wore a stocking hat and multiple layers as he practiced Tuesday in cold, damp conditions.

But the PGA Tour wanted to move up its season-ending playoff series , which typically finished in late September, so it wasn’t competing against the N.F.L.

Championship had been the final major every year save for 1971, when it was in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and moved to February to avoid South Florida’s summer weather.

Championship has always been the most flexible of majors, switching from its match-play beginnings to stroke play and occupying dates in every month from May to December during its first century of existence.

The move, he noted, will make the tournament available to courses in the South or Southwest, whose hot, humid summers had rendered them geographically undesirable.

of America, which controls this championship, is a separate entity from the PGA Tour, the primary organizing body for professional men’s golf.

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