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World of Warcraft Classic: 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Start | Classic Server Guide

For a while now, the development team Blizzard Entertainment left gamers to create their own servers in order to relive the early years of World of Warcraft , but will soon have an official means to join the classic days.

There has been speculation online that perhaps World of Warcraft classic servers will receive early expansions as time goes on but at the moment it’s uncertain just how far these updates will go before being capped off.

Not to mention, flying is no longer a thing so you may find yourself being quite limited to the gameplay experience if you’ve never jumped on World of Warcraft during the early years.

It’s not easy to pull off apparently as in an interview with PCGamesN , World of Warcraft game director, Ion Hazziokstas stated that the team has a few obstacles to overcome.

There are more options to run with when combating against an enemy that’s not available in World of Warcraft classic, as a result, there could be a bit more strategy played into battles or to some, it could just feel a whole lot slower.

While it’s not an absolute must to go back and play Warcraft III , you may still find the narrative adventure appealing and worth going through as you still have time before the classic server officially launches.

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