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Why Red Sox rookie Michael Chavis tweets “11:11” so often

Red Sox rookie infielder Michael Chavis has been in the majors for 27 days.

In that time, the 23-year-old has hit seven home runs, 21 RBIs, and earned a .296 batting average.

In addition, MassLive reported Chavis’s favorite baseball player while growing up in Georgia was Gary Sheffield, who wore No.

As a high schooler, Chavis apparently would pray at 11:11 rather than make a wish , as the popular saying goes.

Advertisement“At some point in high school, someone was like, at 11:11, you make a wish,” Chavis told MassLive in April .

Chavis, who has tweeted about his religion in the past, told MassLive that the 11:11 tweets are “just a goofy thing that I do,” but also that he hopes to use his growing platform as an MLB player to remind his followers to pray.

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