What Is a Time Warp and Where Could We Find One?

In a nutshell, Einstein argued that gravity was not a force but instead originated from curvatures in space-time—the three dimensions of space and time combined—caused by uneven distributions of mass.

For example, if you could travel in a spaceship at the speed of light, time would essentially come to a standstill for you, but not for an observer back on Earth.

One recent study, conducted by Harvard physicist Daniel Jafferis found that traversable wormholes are theoretically possible .

Another possible type of time warp could arise from a theoretical concept known as “cosmic strings,” first proposed by Princeton astrophysicist Richard Gott in 1991.

Explaining this idea in a 2009 lecture, Gott's Princeton colleague Michael Strauss said: “A black hole is a point, of zero dimensions.

"It's pretty clear that all of our so-called safe assumptions about what actually exists are probably not true if you go to extreme regimes," Shlaer told the site.

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