'Give us legal weed' Expert calls for ALL forms of cannabis to be available in UK

CANNABIS should be made legal in all forms in the UK to give patients access to be the best medical treatment, an expert has claimed.

GIVE US LEGAL WEED: An expert called for all forms of the drug to be legalised (Pic: DS)

Beth Stavola The THC element is what makes users "high", with large amounts of it found in skunk.

ALL FORMS: Advocates argue the drug should be completely legal (Pic: GETTY)She told Daily Star Online: "People should accept this sensation is merely a normally feel-good side effect to the THC as it goes to work therapeutically.

And it’s proving to be helpful in getting people off hard drugs, such as heroin, and even highly addictive prescription opiates.

With a population of around 66 million people in the UK, the medical cannabis industry could easily become a multi-billion-pound business in just a few short years.

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