Tinder Lite is coming to emerging markets like Southeast Asia

Tinder is working on a leaner version of its flagship app in an effort to attract more users in emerging markets like Southeast Asia.

While internet connectivity is rising in the APAC region, a smaller, less data-heavy version of the dating app could be the perfect initiative for users in remote areas.

The app’s parent company, Match Group, is eager to capitalise on the untapped market of singles outside its home turf of North America and Europe.

In a recent earnings call , Match Group’s CEO, Mandy Ginsberg, spoke of Southeast Asia’s rising internet penetration as well as increasing urbanisation as more young people move to cities.

Match Group also owns popular online dating platforms like OkCupid and Hinge, but it’s unclear how well the “lite” approach will translate to their other brands.

Expanding the dating pool would certainly address some user complaints about finding meaningful matches… but only time will tell.

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